Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WEEK #23

K4 & K5 this week used dome cones to get healthy!! This week, just like every week, we made our muscles, bones, and heart stronger!!!We started class with a cardiovascular activity called Hat Tag. We then took the cones and manipulated them in many different ways. We did some balancing challenges, as well as, some tossing, flipping, and spinning tricks. We then finished class playing a game called Builders and Bull Dozers!!
1st & 2nd grade this week began class with a fitness warm-up called Fitness Puzzles! Since JRFH is this friday, we played an exercise game called Healthy Hearts. Here we discussed the 5 things that make our hearts sick! We then played the game to reinforce these concepts.
3rd grade started class by participating in an activity called Deal or No Deal!! We then practiced the skill of dribbling and we used bean bags to help use the proper cues. We finished class playing the game called Dribble Flag Tag.
4th & 5th grade this week continued practicing their jump rope skills with partner jump rope tricks!! We then reviewed the skill of shooting a basketball and practiced by playing Hot Shot 2.

7th/8th grade this week started each class with some basketball fitness!! Here we used the basketballs to get fit. We did basketball squats, dribble switches, curl-up & go's, etc.  We then went over some ball handling and dribbling skills. To finish class, we played Shootout 2, Knockout, and Lay-Up and Go.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"An Apple a Day Is Not Enough" is a powerful poem written by Taylor Mal

"An Apple a Day Is Not Enough" is a powerful poem written and performed by Taylor Mali (a well-known spoken word artist and teacher) about the importance of health education. It's done in the style of kinetic typography. We must get the word out about the importance of health education and its ability to get this country's health back on track—but we can't do it alone. Please share this video: Forward it, blog about it, like it on Facebook and send it to your Twitter followers. We'd also love to hear your thoughts on the issue in the comments below.