Saturday, April 9, 2011

WEEK #27

K4,K5, & 1st this week started class with a movement song named Swimming or played Irish Jig Tag. We then went over and practiced the movement skills of throwing underhand and overhand!! To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we then played Pot-Of-Gold!!
3rd grade this week began class with a new fitness activity called Confusion!!! We then continued learning the movement skills for the game of volleyball. This week, we continued to practice the skill of underhand serving!! We then played the game called Bombs Away!! This is a fantastic activity for kids learning to serve without actually playing volleyball!!

6th grade participated in the fitness activity called Confusion to begin class. We then reviewed the two-step approach for bowling! To end class, we continued to play last week's activity called High Frame!!

7th/8th started their Bowling Unit. Much of the first day was spent teaching the students how to set up the bowling lanes and learning their lane assignments. To finish class, we had a little bit of time to play a simple bowling game named High Frame!!! 

WEEK #26

K4, K5, and 1st grade started class with a cardiovascular activity called Manners tag. We then manipulated balloons in various ways! We hit them with different body parts, we pretended to play different sports, and we did various challenges. We finished class playing Manner's Tag again!!

2nd grade this week began with a fitness activity called The Fitness Grid. Here the students rolled a dice to find out what levels of fitness they would have to perform. We then played an overhand throwing game named Smash The Turkey with beach balls!! A Fairview classic!!
3rd grade this week played It's In The Cards for their fitness warm-up!! Here a few deck of cards are used!! The card they get determines what exercise each student does. We then participated and ended class with a throwing & rolling activity named Pinball!
6th grade began their bowling unit this week! Much of the first day was used to learn how to set the bowling lanes up! Each student was also given a lane assignment!! We then played High Frame to learn how to rotate so that everyone got a turn, as well as, getting to learn each others lane assignment!!

7th/8th grade this week took their 5 levels of Fitness assessments On day one, we took the pacer test!! Then, on day two we did the sit-up, push-up, and sit & reach tests!!!

WEEK #25

K4 and 1st grade this week started class with a classic cardiovascular endurance activity called Stuck In The Mud or a muscular strength and endurance activity named High Five!! Then for the rest of the class, we participated in relay races. But, these weren't your normal stand in a long line relay races. Instead, we had 10 lines with 3 students in each line. We also didn't race to see who was the fasted or who could be the winner. Instead, we had a contest to see how many different relay races we could do before class ended.
2nd grade started class playing an activity named Going For The Gold with Hula Hoops!! We then had the opportunity to manipulate the Hula Hoops in many different creative ways. We ended class playing Bumper Cars!!
During their personal fitness time, 4th and 5th grade performed Basketball Twists and BBall Shoot & Crawls!! We then praticed the skill of passing the ball. We finished up class putting all the movements skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting into an activity called Frenzy Shootout!!

7th/8th grade this week started preforming their fitness tests!!! This weed we did our cardiovascular endurance test called the Pacer Test. Every student will see whether their CV levels got better, stayed the same, or if they got worse!!

WEEK #24

K4 this week began class with a movement song called The Balancing act!! We then used recycled milk jugs to practice the skill of catching with an implement. We used yarns balls and practiced many different ways of catching. To end class, we played a movement activity called Catch A Falling Star.

K5 this week started class with a game call Stuck In The Mud. Here we reinforced moving safely in general space. We then spent most of the class doing relay races. However, we didn't just do your typical relay race. Our races were done is ten relay lines. We only had three students in each group and the class as a whole tried to accumulate as many different relay races as they could before the class ended. The student's loved it!!
1st & 2nd grade started class with a fitness activity called Not Me. We then used recycled milk jugs as gloves. We used the milk jugs and practiced catching in many different ways. We then finished class playing a game that reinforced this skill called Catch A Falling Star!!
3rd grade started class with a fitness activity called Not Me. We then reviewed the cues of shooting a basketball and practiced them. We ended class playing a shooting game named Shoot Out!

6th grade this week got the chance to truly get ready for Hoops 4 Heart!! And that's because we do it a little different here at Fairview!! For Hoops 4 Heart, we play Glow In The Dark Scooter Basketball! So, this week, we played scooter basketball with the lights on so that we could get ready for the event this Friday!! At the end of class, we discussed the difference betweening stretching to prevent injury and stretching to become more flexible!