Sunday, April 15, 2012

WEEK #25

K4 thru 1st grade spent fitness time playing either Manner's Tag or Step Right Up. We then exercised with balloons for the rest of P.E. class. We practiced hand eye coordination by hitting the balloon with one body part, two body parts, and ended with role playing sports. To finish class, we played either Partner Balloon Volley Ball or Manner's Tag.

3rd thru 5th grade spent fitness time playing It's In The Cards. We then discussed the skill cues of rolling, throwing, and offense/defense. We took this information and played a game called Pin Guard. We stopped game play several times to discuss movement concepts and strategies.
7th/8th grade spent the last Physical Education class playing some physical activities and games that they played when they were in elementary school P.E. class. The activities they participated in were Elbow Tag for their fitness time and 4 Square (w/ cage ball). It was great to see the 7th/8th graders enjoying exercise just for the fun of it!!!

WEEK #24

K4 thru 1st grade exercised and manipulated dome cones for exercise. We started class playing Hat Tag (CV). We then took the dome cones and manipulated them in many different ways. Some of these included spinning, flipping, and balancing them. We ended class playing the activity called Builders and Bull Dozers.

2nd grade this week began class playing a cardiovascular activity named Builders and Bull Dozers. They then participated in a Hula Hoop activity called Going for the Gold. To end class, we played a quick game of On and Off the Line.

3rd thru 5th grade this week started class playing Partner Duck, Duck, Goose. It is a great cardiovascular activity. We then discussed and practiced the basic basketball skill of passing (chest and bounce). We then took the skill of passing and used it in a game named Zig Zag.

7th/8th grade began class with skill station review. We had 4 stations of serving, tap ups, tap downs, and circle hit. We then played some more Hit and Go and ended class beginning to play the real game of Pickleball. 

WEEK #23

K4 thru 2nd grade this week participated in fitness time with The Freeze (K4 & K5) and Star Wars (1st & 2nd). We then practiced catching a ball with a glove!! However, we don't have real gloves so we used milk jugs instead. I cut the bottom off of 2 gallon milk cartons and used them as gloves. We manipulated the milk jugs in many different ways. We ended class with a game called Catch A Falling Star.
3rd thru 5th grade this week played Deal or No Deal for their 5 levels of fitness warm-up. We then reviewed the basic basketball shooting cues (BEEF). To practice, we laid down on the floor and practiced keeping our elbows in and snapping our wrists with a partner. To end class, we either played 7-up (3rd & 4th) or Cone Shootout (5th).

7th/8th grade this week played Deal or No Deal for their 5 levels of fitness warm-up. We then started our first day of pickle ball. We went over the rules and cues of serving and practiced this skill. We ended class playing the serving game King and Queen of the Court and Hit & Go.

WEEK #22

K4 this week started class with I See...You See! We then played a cardiovascular activity called Fire & Ice. We ended class playing a game named Dog Catcher.

1st and 2nd grade began class playing a fitness game called Do What I Say-Not What I do! We then went over the cues of underhand rolling and practiced this skill using their own 3 pins. To finish class, we used our skill of underhand rolling to play Ultimate Pinball.
3rd & 4th grade this week spent fitness time participating in an activity called Squirrels In The Trees. We then reviewed the cues of dribbling a ball with the concentration on keeping our head up. To practice this, we used bean bags and dribbling while manipulating the bean bags in creative ways. To end class, we played Dribble Flag Tag, again concentration on keeping our heads up.

7th/8th grade this week spent fitness time with an activity called Switch. It is a great activity to incorporate all five levels of fitness. We then went over the basics of shooting a basketball and I skill checked as they practiced against the wall. We then played Shootout #2 to review and practice these cues.