Sunday, February 10, 2013

WEEK #13

K4 thru 2nd grade this week started class with a great muscular endurance and cardiovascular song called The Jumping Jack Song. We then discussed all the awesome physical activity sports that people play, some that require us to strike an object with our body (basketball, soccer, etc.) and some where you use an object to strike the object (baseball, hockey, etc.). We got out the plastic candy canes I purchased at the dollar store and we practiced striking an object with another object and learned basic hockey striking skills. We then finished class playing a game called Hockey Tag!
3rd thru 8th grade this week started class with their 5 levels of fitness warm-up. This week we played Knockout, a fitness warm-up that incorporates all 5 levels of fitness. We then played a great lower body muscular strength and endurance game called Battle Ball where a cage ball was used.  


WEEK #12

K4 thru 1st grade started class with a movement song called Animal Action. We discussed how our bodies can move in so many cool ways. We then discussed the skill of catching and the cues that go along with it. We had some self catching time where I walked around and helped students. Last we played a class game called Snowball Fight. But this wasn't your normal Snowball Fight. In this game, you wanted to actually allow your classmates to catch the ball. The more snowballs we caught the more points the class could get. They absolutely loved this game!!
2nd grade this week began class with a muscular strength and endurance activity called The Turkey Dance. Here we learned about mirroring and same and different. Next we played a game called Smash The Turkey. Here we discussed and learned about offense and defense.
3rd thru 8th grade finally finished their fitness testing and we were back to our normal lesson structure. We started class with a 5 levels of fitness game called Wipe Out. Again, this game is performed to the song called Wipe Out by the Safaris. We then discussed the cues of catching and played the game Island Ball that every grade seems to love.