Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WEEK #11

K4 thru 2nd grade ASAP/Fitness activity for the day was named Number Scramble and/or Candy Grab. We then used Hula Hoops to improve our balance and coordination. We had the opportunity to hula hoop, as well as, as manipulate the hula hoops in many different ways. They even had creative hoop time. We then ended class playing an activity called Bumber Cars.
3rd thru 8th ASAP for the week was called Torpedo. A great kicking activity with Hula Hoops. This week was the final week of Fitness Testing. This week the students participated in a 5 levels of fitness station course where all five levels were present. The 6th station was used for the students to get their height and weight checked in. All my students did a wonderful job preforming all their fitness tests. I'm glad we're done!!!

WEEK #10

K4 thru 2nd grade ASAP for the week was called Step Right Up. We then used Plastic Grocery Bags to practice our catching skills. We manipulated the plastic bags in many different ways so that the students could get as many catching opportunities has possible during the class time. We ended class making rocket ships and playing Plastic Bag Flag Tag. The students really enjoyed this lesson.

3rd thru 8th grade this week is finishing up their fitness testing. Our ASAP for the week we used a cage ball and did a 5 levels of Fitness activity called Train Tracks!! We then used the cage ball to play a activity called Battleball. Here the students la down on their backs and kick the cage ball back and fourth with goalies to see who can score the most points. We then finished class preforming our sit & reach flexibility test. The whole purpose of our two activities for the day were to warm-up our legs for the Flex test. Mission accomplished.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


K4 thru 2nd grade this week participated in the song called the Jumping Jack Song for their ASAP (Activity Soon As Possible). We then went over the gross motor skill of underhand rolling and had a little practice time with our own bowling pins. We then finished class putting our new learned skill into action with a game called Try to catch a Snowman.

3rd thru 8th grade this week continued their Fitness Testing. This week we started class with a ASAP called Confusion. We then preformed the Muscular Strength and Endurance tests. We started with the Push-ups and ended class doing the Curl-ups. To end class we discussed all the possible ways we could improve out muscle strength and endurance.


K4 thru 2nd grade this week started class with a ASAP called Fire and Ice Tag. Here we reviewed our different pathways and speeds. We then went over the gross motor skill of overhand throwing. To end class we played a classic activity called Clean Up Your Backyard. Where we put what we learned into action.
 3rd thru 8th grade this week began their Fitnessgram Fitness Testing. This week the students preformed the Pacer Test (Cardiovascular Endurance evaluation). The what and why we were dong it was discussed before we participated in this evaluation activity. All the students did a wonderful job!!! To end class we discussed all the ways in which we could improve our heart health.