Friday, April 24, 2009

WEEK #31

K4 this week got a chance to go outside for Physical Education class. We began class with a listening activity called On the Whistle. We also got a chance during this activity to review our locomotor skills (hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, sliding, etc.). We finished class with an activity called Dog Catcher. Here the students got a chance to learn and practice the skills of chasing and fleeing with the concept of changing directions (agility).

1st grade's five level of fitness warm-up this week was called Fitness Wheel. We used a stack of Uno cards and the Fitness wheel to participate in some goofy and wacky exercises. One example is swing like a monkey and sing a song. We then played a game called Stars Wars where we used noodles to pretend we were star wars characters. We even used Star Wars Music!!! To finish up class we talked about how exercise can help with your school work and we participated in a game called Memory Match. The kids had a blast this week!!
3rd & 4th grade this week started their team building unit. We discussed what the key elements to a good team are and used some physical activities to practice these elements. Each week we will have a Word of the Day. We will define the word, show examples of it, and practice it. The activities this week were Rock, Paper, and Scissors Tournament, Connecting Eyes, and Cooperative Shoe Tie. The word of the day was communication (verbal & non-verbal)!!! The students did a fantastic job!!

5th grade this week also started their team building unit however they are preparing for a field trip to Potters Forest, a Ropes and Challenge course! This week we discussed the conduct contract and the no put down rule!!! The activities we participated in after we got done with the grounds rules were Count Off and Connecting Eyes. Fifth grade will also have the word of the day each week.
6th grade this week continued their volleyball unit. This week we warmed up with a cardiovascular activity called Poppers. We used cut up noodles to discuss hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular endurance. After the five levels of fitness warm-up, we went over bumping and setting cues and activities. We finished up class with Mini Volleyball.
7th/8th grade this week continued with their badminton unit. This week we focused on the forehand and backhand striking skills. Our fitness warm-up was a cardiovascular and hand-eye coordination game called Poppers (I used thick noodle chips and cut them in half). We finished class with two activities called 2-on-2 Knockout and Hit & Go!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WEEK #30

1st grade this week participated in the same lesson as the first graders during week #29. They celebrated Easter by playing the games Egg Fitness, Smash the Egg, and Scrambled Eggs. At the end, every child was given an egg to take home with a small treat inside. Also, a nice message was written on their eggs.

4th grade this week started their Team Building unit. This week we discussed the no put downs rule and about the challenge by choice rule!!! We started class with a five levels of fitness warm-up called Bumper Cars. We then discussed the word teamwork and played two activities called Musical Hoops and Hoop the Hula Hoop. We had a great time!!!

7th/8th grade this week finished up some of their community building activities and started the first day of their Badminton Unit. This week emphasized birdie and racket orientation. We discussed the difference between forehand and backhand and participated in some basic striking drills. We finished class playing the activity called Keep it Up where the students had to demonstrate control hitting.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

WEEK #29

K4 celebrated Easter by exercising with plastic Easter eggs. That's right plastic Easter eggs!!! We started class with a movement song called Bean Bag Boogie, but pretended it said Easter Egg Boogie!! After that, we manipulated the plastic eggs by balancing the eggs, spinning the eggs, and doing some tricks with poly spots and the plastic eggs. At the end of the lesson, we played a game called Fill My Basket where we learned the concept of sharing!!

K5 this week had to take gym outside because of Fairview's annual Science Fair. We headed outside in the cold and warmed up with an activity called On The Whistle. This activity allowed us to practice our listening skills, as well as, our locomotor skills of hopping, skipping, etc. We finished class playing a game called Dog Catcher. This a game that allows the students to learn how to change directions in open space (dodging). We also learned and practiced the skill of sportsmanship. When someone gets tagged, we always say better luck next time!

1st grade this week also celebrated Easter. We started class with an activity named Egg Fitness. Plastic Eggs with exercises and healthy messages inside them were scattered throughout the gym. The students then by themselves or with a friend helper opened the eggs and performed the exercise. Next we played the game called Smash the Egg. Here students had to take their bean bag and try to catch someone by sliding the bean bag (Egg) at each others feet. Anybody can get anybody. We then finished class with an activity called Scrambled Eggs. This is a game that really helps learn the skill of underhand throwing. The kids tried not to go to the Easter Basket!!!

3rd grade this week took a break from units. Here at Fairview, I teach the kids that you don't have to play team sports to get exercise. Exercise is for everyone. So this week the 3rd graders also celebrated Easter by playing Egg Fitness and Smash the Egg. They ended class with an activity called Try to Catch the Bunny that practiced the physical skill of rolling, overhand throwing, jumping, and dodging.

4th and 5th grade this week used their volleyballs for their five levels of fitness warm-up. We did some modified volleyball sit-ups and push-ups and go's. We then learned the why and how of underhand serving. We ended class playing the game called Bombs Away where we had to use our newly learned skill of underhand serving.

6th grade this week reviewed the volleyball skill of overhand serving and played the game called Dead Fish for the second week in a row!! However, this week we increased the difficulty by adding hula hoops all over the court. The reason for this is because we were really trying to focus on the skill of serving for accuracy!! Our five levels of fitness activity was done with medicine balls. We did partner static push-ups alternating with squat ball jumps!!

7th/8th grade this week started a new quarter. The fourth and final quarter of the year!! The first day we went over class expectations along with some community building activities called Who Am I, Good Morning Nice to Meet You, and Hog Call. The second day we started our badminton unit. Here we started with basic birdie and racket orientation activities and finished with the activity called Keep It Up!!!