Sunday, February 27, 2011

WEEK #22

K4 classes were shortened this week because of a program. However, that doesn't mean we didn't have time to get a little bit of exercise. We had enough time this week to play I See....You See.... and then finish class with a quick activity called Toilet Tag.

1st grade this week participated in a muscular strength & endurance activity named Dead Bug Tag!! We then played a game called Healthy Hearts. With JRFH coming next week, we learned about the five things you shouldn't do to your heart. That way we can make sure we stay Heart Healthy!

4th and 5th grade continued learning and reviewing some partner jump rope tricks. We started learning the movement skill of shooting a basketball! We first went over the basic shooting principles and then played Spot Shot to reinforce those skills.
7th/8th grade started class with some Basketball fitness. We did B-Ball Wall Squats, B-ball Push-Ups, and B-Ball Wall Jumps. We then went over the basic cues of shooting a basketball and ended class with an activity called Spot Shot Frenzy!!!

WEEK #21

K4, K5 , and 1st grade is finally ready for JRFH. So, this week, we reviewed the cues and practiced the basic jump rope skill. We then manipulated the jump ropes by making letters from the alphabet. To finish class, we participated in some more long rope games.
2nd grade began class playing a Five Levels of Fitness board game called Fitnopoly. Since we are still getting ready for JRFH, we also added jump ropes to the game. After the board game, we played the game called Knock Over Frosty!! It is a great activity to help students learn how to roll and throw underhand, overhand, and sidearm.
3rd grade this week started to learn and practice some partner jump rope tricks for JRFH. We went over Front-to-Front, Side-to-Side, and Move Over. We then practiced and learned the skill of dribbling. We went over the basic cues of dribbling and I had the students do a couple of activities called Copy Me and Dynamic Dribbling. We finished class playing a classic dribbling game called Knockout.
6th grade started class participating in a Badminton skill review warm-up. We reviewed the 4 main skills of Badminton. We then got to finally spend majority of the class time playing basic Badminton. We played with basic rules and small sided games rotating every point.

7th/8th grade this week started a new quarter. We are now in 3rd quarter. So, this week we went over class procedures and participated in some community building activities called My neighbor and Guess What.

WEEK #20

K4, K5, and 1st grade continued to get ready for JRFH this week!!! We started class reviewing the basic cues and then we practiced jump roping. Next, we manipulated the jump ropes by making shapes and numbers, as well as, math problems with the ropes. To end class, we played a gamed called Leap The River.

2nd grade also continued preparing for JRFH!! We began class by going over the basic cues of jumping rope. We then went over some basic jump rope tricks. These included the bell, ski, straddle, scissor, and one foot jumping. We finished class participating in some long rope games. These included Snake In The Grass, High Fence Low Fence, Tic Toc, Water Wave, Cat & Mouse, and Around The World.
3rd grade started class learning and practicing some jump rope trick including the Bell, Ski, Straddle, Scissors, and Scissor Cross. The class then went over the gross motor skills of rolling and overhand throwing. We played Battleship to practice and reinforce these skills.

6th grade played Dead Bug Tag to get their Muscular Strength and Endurance warm-up out of the way. We then continued learning how to use our bodies by learning more Badminton skills. We went over the ups, overhead clears, and the smash. We then played real Badminton for the first time.
7th/8th grade did some more Volleyball fitness exercises for their personal fitness time. We did VB Twists, VB Over and Unders, and ended with VB sit-ups. The rest of the class time was spent playing small sided Volleyball games!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

WEEK #19

K4, K5, 1st. and 2nd grade all started to get ready for Jump Rope For Heart!!! We started class with a quick cardiovascular activity called Tail Tag (2nd grade played Dead Bug Tag)!! We then stopped and discussed why Fairview School participates in JRFH!!  We then manipulated the jump ropes into hair, pony tails, earrings, elephant noses, and even made the letters of the alphabet. Next we practiced jumping without the rope, then practiced turning, and then we put it together and tried jumping on our own. To end class, we played another round of Tail Tag!!
3rd, 4th, & 5th grade this week also got ready for JRFH! We began class by learning how to measure a jump rope so that we have the right size for jumping. I then had the students jump on their own in their own self space. We then discussed why Fairview participates in JRFH. After that, we discusses some simple jumping techniques and practiced some more. We finished class playing a dodging and fleeing game called Pirates!! Here students tried to collect as many chips as they could and then received points depending on the words they could spell!!!
6th grade started class with the cardiovascular activity of jump roping. We reviewed and practiced the skill of serving for Badminton. The next skill we practiced was called the overhead clears. To end class, we participated in an activity called 2-on-2 Knockout!!!
7th/8th grade this week began class with some cardiovascular jump roping. I then had them review and practice the skills of  under and overhand volleyball serving. We then went over the skills of setting and bumping and had a chance to practice them. We ended class playing Keep It Up!!

WEEK #18

1st & 2nd grade this week started class with a cardiovascular endurance activity called Knockout!!! We then finished class playing a dodging and fleeing game named Cookie Monster!! We also discussed what offense, defense, and strategy means!!
4th & 5th grade this week began class with a muscular strength & endurance warm-up by exercising with real dumb bells. We learned various muscles and what exercises actually make them more fit!! We then practiced the skills of rolling, throwing, and catching in an activity called Battleship.
6th grade this week also used dumb bells to improve their muscular strength & endurance!! We learned the names of certain muscles and exercises to make them more fit!! We then started our first day of Badminton. We started with some simple racket and birdie drills. We did ups and super ups to improve our hand-eye coordination. We then practiced and tried the skill of serving. We finished class playing Reverse Dead Fish!!
7th/8th grade's warm-up this week started with dumb bells. We learned various muscles and what exercises help them to get more fit. We then started our Volleyball unit. This week we started with the under and overhand serve. We also talked about why the serve is so important. We finished class playing Dead Fish!!