Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week #8

K4 thru 2nd grade's ASAP was Go Touch. We then reviewed our loco-motor skills with an activity called Beep, Beep, Times Up. We practiced the skill of rolling. We then put this skill into practice with a game called Don't Be Couch Potatoes!!

3rd thru 8th grade's ASAP for the day was a muscular strength and endurance game called Dagger. We then reviewed our rolling for bowling cues with Roll and Catch Tag. We went over the bowling set-up and played a quick bowling activity called Ten pin!!

Week #7

K4 thru 8th grade this week had the opportunity to participate in the Annual Fairview Halloween Obstacle Course!!! The students were able to develop their coordination, balance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and improve their body composition. The younger students also get a chance to go over, under, on top of, and through obstacles while also twisting and bending to improve their movement development.

Week #6

K4 thru 2nd grade's ASAP for the week was a movement song called Animal Action. This song was used to review the movement pathways we learned last week. We then started to learn about our loco-motor movements. We used the loco-motor cubes to practice these skills. We then finished class playing Fire Fighter. This activity was used to reinforce the loco-motor skills learned for the day, but also because it was Fire Safety week.

3rd thru 5th grade's ASAP was a CV activity called Partner Duck, Duck, Goose. We then went over the skill of underhand rolling in preparation for our upcoming bowling activities. To practice our step and swing, ring-a-ling, we played a game called Roll and Catch Tag. We then ended class putting what we learned into practice with a game called Pin Protector!

6th thru 8th grade's ASAP for the week was called Meet and Greet. We the played an activity called Knockdown to learn the basics of rolling for bowling. We finished class playing Pin Protector to reinforce the cues.

Week #5

K4 thru 2nd grade's ASAP this week was a movement song called The Freeze. We then went over the definition of pathway and used a movement cube to practice them. We finished class playing a Fairview classic called Monster where we put our pathways into practice.
3rd thru 5th grade's ASAP was a cardiovascular endurance activity called Torpedo. We then discussed Sportsmanship. We played an activity called Fire Fighter (Fire Safety Week) where we kept score and had a winner and loser. This lead to more great discussion on Sportsmanship.

6th thru 8th grade started class with an activity called Cooperative Warm-up Cards! Since this was our last day in our Cooperative Unit, we finished with an activity called Cross the Great River. The students had to use all the skills taught in our previous lessons.