Sunday, November 27, 2011

WEEK #10

K4 thru 2nd grade this week started class with a math integration/heart healthy activity called Number Scramble. We then exercised with Hula Hoops where we manipulated them many different ways. We then ended class playing a great muscular endurance activity called Bumper Cars!!!
3rd thru 5th grade this week started class with a muscular strength and endurance medicine ball warm-up. During our personal fitness time, we did Ball Slams, Roll & Go's, and Partner Stomach Crunches. We then used hockey sticks to play an activity called Try to Catch a Monkey. We learned and practiced movement strategies.
6th grade used resistance bands during their personal fitness time. As a class, we did a quick full body five levels of fitness warm-up. We began another striking unit, badminton. This week we learned and practiced badminton etiquette, the grip, some striking orientation drills, and the skill of serving. To end class, we played Reverse Dead Fish.


K4 thru 1st grade this week started class with a muscle song called Give Me Ten. We learned the 3 main jobs of our muscles!! They are too move our body, protect our bones, and help us lift, carry, and move things. We went over the cues of overhand throwing and spent some time practicing our new skill. We finished class playing Clean Up Your Backyard so we could reinforce what we just learned.

2nd thru 5th grade started class reviewing the five levels of fitness using the Step Right Up Card and/or Pass It Down Cards!! We then went over the cues for catching and practiced by playing an activity called Concentration Catch. To end class, we played a game called Island Ball, a great game to learn the skill of overhand throwing indoors!!
6th grade began class reviewing the 5 levels of fitness by using the Pass It Down cards. This activity is a great way to assess the students on their understanding of the 5 levels of fitness!! We then learned and went over some movement concepts so that we could begin to playing indoor 3 Goal Sideline Hockey.


K4 thru 2nd grade this week started class with a heart health activity called Fire & Ice. We then learned and practiced the cues of the skill rolling. We finished class playing a rolling game called Try To Catch a Turkey in order to practice using our newly learned skill.
3rd thru 5th grade this week started class by exercising with the five levels of fitness bar graph cards. We then went over the skill of rolling and played a game called Jailbird where we reinforced what we learned.
6th grade this week began class with a fitness activity called Partner Warm-up. We then continued learning and practicing manipulating a ball with a hockey stick. We did partner skills practice with static drills and dynamic skills. We ended class playing a game called Goalie Ball.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


K4 thru 2nd this week learned that all you need is your body to make your muscles, bones, heart, and mind healthy. We started class with an activity called One Step Behind. We then played Go Touch and Beep, Beep, Times Up to practice some movement concepts. We then ended class with a heart healthy activity named Bippity, Boppity, Boo where we learned to move in general space.

3rd thru 5th grade started class with a cardiovascular activity called Clothes Pin. We then practiced and learned the movement skill of rolling, as well as, fire safety concepts by playing Fire Fighter. Throughout the activity, students were repeatedly reminded to step with the opposite foot and follow through as they rolled.

6th grade started class using the medicine balls. We learned the reason why we should do muscular strength and endurance exercises and then performed some medicine ball exercises. We started using hockey sticks in order to learn striking skills with long handled implements. We ended class with an activity called Monkey In The Middle, a great activity to learn striking skills.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


K4 thru 6th grade has been looking forward to a Fairview tradition, The Annual Halloween Obstacle Course!!!! The whole week, I have the lights off and all the students get an opportunity to participate in the course. The students are reminded that the whole body is needed to finish and that a strong and healthy body helps them get a smart and healthy mind!!!