Monday, August 13, 2012

Here is a awesome email I received from a fellow colleague!!!


My name is Darcey McRay! I am a first year PE/Health teacher at Heritage Hall in OKC, OK. You clearly have a quality PE/Health program! I saw many activities named in your blog that sound sooooo cool! I was wondering if you have these activities on electronic file? If so, would you mind to send me some of these for Pre K- 4th grade? I want to be an advocate for Physical Education and Health as you seem to be!

Thank you so much!
Darcey McRay

Thank you Darcey for your words of praise!!! You made my day!!

Fitness matters!!!! Keep P.E. in schools!!!

Press Release: Students with Strong Hearts and Lungs May Make Better Grades, Study Finds

Press Release: APA: Fitness Predicts Academic Achievement in Middle School For boys and girls in middle school, fitness predicts reading and math scores

Research: Physical Education and Academic Achievement in Elementary School:
Data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study