Sunday, February 26, 2012

WEEK #20

K4 & K5 this week started class with a movement song called Sammy. We then played an activity named Body Parts. This activity is used to practice and learn getting into groups. We finished class playing Shipwreck. I was the captain and they were the crew. The students were given commands and they had to act then out. If they could get to level 10, then they could do the bonus round. This is a fantastic 5 levels of fitness activity!!!

1st grade this week started class with a cardiovascular activity named Partner Duck Duck Goose!! There is no circle with just two kids exercising!! I had the whole class active and they loved it!! We then ended class playing a heart healthy game called Healthy Heart Tag. We learned about the 5 evil things for our heart!!
2nd grade began class finishing to get ready for Jump Rope for Heart by learning and practicing 3 person long rope jumping. We then finished class playing the same activity as the 1st graders (Healthy Heart Tag).
3rd thru 5th grade started class continuing to get ready for JR4H by learning some more partner jump rope tricks and 3 person jumping. Then like 1st and 2nd grade we played Healthy Heart Tag and reviewed the things that are bad for our heart.
-Smoking and drugs
-Too much screen time
-Too much body fat
-Not enough exercise

7th/8th grade started getting ready for Hoops 4 Heart by starting their mini basketball unit. We began class with a dynamic basketball warm-up. We then went over the basics of shooting and practiced shooting against the wall. We then ended class playing a game called Shootout!! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

WEEK #19

K4 thru 1st grade this week continued to get ready for JRFH. We started class reviewing and practicing the basic skill of jump roping. We then manipulated the jump ropes by making pictures and letters. We ended class using double dutch ropes and playing Snake in the Grass, High Fence Low Fence, and Cat/Mouse.
2nd grade this week started class getting ready for JRFH and getting some heart healthy cardiovascular exercise by learning some jump rope tricks. They included the bell, ski, straddle, and straddle cross. We then went over offense and defense and ended class playing an activity called Get In There.

3rd & 4th grade this week started with some heart healthy jump roping. We focused on the criss cross trick if they were ready. Otherwise, they practiced and reviewed previous tricks. We also went over the difference between offense and defense and ended class playing the game Hideout or Satellites.
5th grade started class with a quick game of Fitness Tag. We then started getting ready for JRFH. We discusssed the reasons why our school participates in this event. We then went over the basic jump rope cues and praticed our rope jumping skills. To end class, we played a great muscular strength and endurance game called Battleball.

7th/8th grade began their fitness testing this week. We participated in the Pacer Test to evaluate our cardiovascular endurance health. To finish class, we discussed how to be heart healthy.
-Say no to drugs.
-Reduce stress.
-Exercise 60 minutes a day.
-Maintain a healthy body weight.
-Limit screen time.