Saturday, January 21, 2012

WEEK #18

K4 thru 2nd grade this week started getting ready for JRFH this week. We started class playing a cardiovascular endurance activity called Tail Tag. We then took the jump rope and did some goofy manipulation. We made hair, a beard, earring, pony tail, elephant ear, phone, karate belt, and dress tie. We then started learning how to jump rope. We first practiced jumping and then turning the rope. We then put both together and tried our best to jump rope. To end class, we played Tail Tag one more time.
3rd thru 5th grade continued to finish up their Fitnessgram tests. This week we warmed-up with an activity called Meet In The Middle. Warm muscles stretch better!!! We then did our sit & reach fitness test. We then played Satellite to get some cardiovascular exercise. To finish class, we discussed why being flexible is important.
7th/8th this week used jump ropes and resistance bands for their fitness time. We then started our Hockey Unit. We went over the grip, the push pass, and dribble to cover the movement standard. To end class, we played an activity called Got Cha, a great cardiovascular activity as well as skill development.

WEEK #17

K4 & K5 started class with a fitness warm-up called Same & Different. We then played Fitness Tag where we reviewed the primary job of our muscles. They protect our body, move our body, and help us lift, pull, and carry things. To end class, we participated is some creative relay races. Here the students learned how to take turns, have good sportsmanship, and to enjoy moving our bodies.
1st & 2nd grade started class with Fitness Puzzles. Here the students had the opportunity to work as a team to put together 5 levels of fitness exercise puzzles. We then finished class with an activity named Cookie Monster. This activity allowed the students to practice and develop their spatial awareness skills.

3rd through 5th grade this week had the opportunity to finish their 5 levels of fitness Fitnessgram tests. Either the Curl-up or Pacer test was performed.  We then finished class playing either Battle Ball or Chaos. One was a muscular strength/endurance activity and the other was a cardiovascular activity.

7th/8th grade started class getting ready for their Fitnessgram tests with Medicine Ball Fitness. We then discussed and reviewed the NASPE standard of sportsmanship and then played Satellite to demonstrate this.   

Sunday, January 1, 2012

WEEK #16

K4 thru 7th/8th grade this week participated in a skill review/fitness station course. Various skills and fitness equipment were used to give the students an opportunity to review and develop their skills and fitness levels.
May all the students of Fairview School have a wonderful Holiday Break!! Have a Healthy Holiday!! Balance is the key!! 

WEEK #15

K4 & K5 started class using Uno Cards to play a spin wheel game called Uno Fitness! We discussed what fitness means and why it's important for our bodies and mind. We then used plastic bags and manipulated them in many different ways. We used them to develop movement skills as well as creative movement development. We ended class playing an activity called Bag Flag Tag.
2nd grade this week started class using Uno Cards to play an activity called Uno Fitness. We then reviewed why fitness is important for the body and mind. We then used swimming noodles and played Leaning Tower of Noodles, Jump The Noodle, and Noodle Juggle. We ended class playing a quick CV activity called Mosquito Tag.
3rd thru 5th grade began class playing an activity called Energy In and Energy Out where we discussed what calories are and how they affect weight management. We then finished class with an activity called Battleship. This game was used to reinforce movement concepts and strategy.

7th and 8th grade this week played Sumo Wrestling and Dagger. They also used medicine balls to develop their muscular strength and endurance. We then continued to discuss NASPE Standard #5 and played Satelites to develop those characteristics.

WEEK #14

K4 started class with a CV song called The Jumping Jack Song. We then used plastic candy canes to practice the skill of striking. We used deck rings to learn striking and dribbling skills. We finished class playing a striking activity named Got Cha!!

K5 thru 2nd grade began class with a CV activity called Toilet Tag. The cues of bouncing and dribbling were dicussed and reviewed. We then took mini red balls to practice these skills. To finish class, we played a game called Whack A Mole!!!
3rd & 4th grade played The Turkey Dance for their fitness time. This game helps us develop our muscular strength and endurance. We then played Battleship where we discussed, practiced, and learned about movement concepts and strategies!!
7th & 8th grade finally will have Physical Education. This week started the beginning of PE for the 2nd Trimester. This week we went over grading and the class expectations. We also went over PE Standard 5: Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings and what it means and looks like. We then played Battleship to practice this standard.

WEEK #13

K4 & K5 started class with a heart healthy song called The Jumping Jack. We then used plastic candy canes to practice the concept of striking an object with another object. We had to use our imagination and we pretended to be hockey players. We learned and practiced dribbling stationary, as well as, dynamic. We also got the chance to see how far we could make our deck rings go by striking them safely!! The class ended by playing a pretend game of Driving to Grandma's House for the Holidays.
1st & 2nd grade participated in a cardiovascular activity called Knockout! We then got the opportunity to use big boy hockey sticks to practice the skill of striking. We learned the proper grip, the skill of dribbling (static and dynamic), and actual striking. We did all of this with gator balls. To finish class, we played a game called The Fox & The Hound!!
3rd thru 5th grade began class playing a fitness game called Same & Different. We then participated in an activity called Battleship where we focused on the concepts of offense and defense.

6th grade was very, very sad. This was their last week of Physical Education for the rest of the year. What a shame!! Healthy students learn better. How are we going to raise the next generation to be life long movers if they can't have physical activity in school for the whole year!! Anyway, this week we started class with the fitness game named Energy In & Energy. This game uses the concept of energy balance!! To finish class, we played the real game of Badminton.