Thursday, November 8, 2012


K4, K5, and 1st grade started class with a movement song called Singing In The Rain. We then exercised our muscles, bones, heart, and brain with an activity called I see..You see... We finished class learning the skill of catching with yarn balls and playing a Halloween game called Monster Tag!!
2nd grade this week began class with a fitness activity called Musical Fitness. We then discussed and practiced the motor skill of rolling. The success criteria I was looking for was opposition, knees low to the ground, and releasing by the floor. To practice, we played an activity called Jailbird.

3rd and 4th grade continues to get ready for their fitness tests with a warm-up activity called Line Graph Workout. We then discussed and learned the cues of throwing. The success criteria I was looking for were step with opposition, stand sideways, and rotate your hips. We then played Pin Guard to practice this motor skill.
5th grade this week started class with a cardiovascular endurance fitness activity called Mosquito Tag. We then went over the cues for the motor skill of rolling and catching. We finished class playing Jailbird where we practiced these cues.

6th, 7th, and 8th grade prepared for their fitness tests with a fitness activity named Confusion. We then continued perfecting our Respect/Sportsmanship standard with an activity called Bears, Salmon, and Mosquito Football.


K4 and K5 this week started class chanting "We come to Physical Education class for our muscles, bones, heart, and brain!" With our chant we also made a muscle pose, touched our bones, felt our heart, and pointed to our brain. Our fitness warm-up this week was called Body Parts. We then played an exercise story activity called Ladders. To finish class, we manipulated bean bags and played Hot Potato!

1st and 2nd grade also started class with the P.E. chant! We then played Scat Cat (CV) for our Physical Fitness time. We also played Number where the students practiced getting into groups. We finished class playing an activity called Mosquito Catcher where we practiced the Sportsmanship standard.

3rd thru 8th grade began class with the The Fairview P.E. chant! Our fitness activity this week was called Meet and Greet (using all five levels of fitness). When discussed the learning intentions and success criteria of the day and played Triangle Chase and Chicken Football.

The second week of Fairview's Physical Education classes were a blast and all the students got a little stronger physically and mentally! Keep moving!
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K4 and K5 started class with the Fairview Physical Education chant. We then played I see.. You See... for our fitness time. We discussed, practiced, and learned about self space to a song from the Temptations. We then wrapped up class manipulating deck rings and played Ring Soccer Chase.
1st and 2nd grade did the P.E. chant and used our fitness Bar Graph exercise cards to get our fitness in for the day. We then went over overhand throwing for the Motor Skill Standard. To practice this skill, we played Pin Guard. The students had a blast.
3rd, 4th, and 5th grade this week started class with a CV warm-up called Kick and Go!!  The learning standard for the week was Motor Skill. Then we discussed kicking and foot dribbling. We played Ghost busters, Fox and Hound, and Pirates.

6th, 7th, and 8th grade participated in an activity called Quiz Fitness where we learned about calories and got our fitness in for the day. We then finished class playing Ancient Baseball while discussing the standard Respect/Sportsmanship focusing on social responsibility.