Friday, June 10, 2016

PE Resources - The Books You Can't Live Without

 When I first started teaching Physical Education over 17 years ago, the only way to find new ideas, games, and activities for lesson planning was through collaboration with colleagues or purchasing books through P.E. equipment catalogs. I remember spending hours combing through various P.E. books looking for things I could use to teach K4 through 8th grade Physical Education.  

In the process, I wasted a lot of time and money on books that weren’t worth it. The internet was just beginning, so the ability to search for quality resources was very limited. However, in today’s world the internet has changed everything. The way we search, research, and collaborate to find useful material has made books seem of little use. We can find information at anytime and from any place in the world. We can use desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to gather information whenever we want instantly. However, books, of course, can still be very useful.

Throughout my career, I have purchased numerous Physical Education books that have changed the way I teach today. Of course, I had to live and learn and waste money and time figuring out what was and wasn’t quality material. That is why I decided to create and share with all of you what I feel are the top quality Physical Education book resources that you should spend your hard earned money on!  These books are completely worth your time and money. I guarantee that you won’t regret adding these useful resources to your PE repertoire.  

1. Make It! Take It! by The Great Activity Publishing Company

A great resource for instant integration ASAPs. Just copy and use! 

2. Great Activity Magazine by The Great Activity Publishing Company

For just a few dollars a year receive this great PE Activity magazine subscription delivered to your door with activities for PE professionals from all over the country.

3. Physical Education Outside the Boxby Bud & Sue Turner

Here is another great resource for instant activities, as well as, skill related activities. What makes this a must in your PE tool box is every activity uses very little equipment, simple instructions, and minimal set-up time.

4. No Standing Around in my Gym by J.D. Hughes

This is a must have ready-to-use resource for teaching large classes! It is packed with 6 units, 70, games, 15 hints, and 39 special game variations.

5. No We Are Not Playing Dodgeball by Mike Bohannon

This book is a resource for fun, easy-to-use activities for promoting integration and fitness for all students. The book provides awesome warm-up, integration, and station ideas that get kids moving.

6. PE2theMax by J.D. Hughes

Another must have book for large classes! 

7. Spark byJohn J. Ratey, MD

A must have book for Physical Education Advocacy. Make sure to have your administrator read the first chapter!

8. SHAPE America Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education by SHAPE America

A must have resource that includes the National PE standards and outcomes that guide your instruction! This it non-negotiable!

9. No Gym? No Problem!- Physical Activities for Tight Spaces by Charmain Sutherland

This doesn’t need explaining. It is a lifesaver for every P.E. Specialist!

10. Journey Toward the Caring Classroom by Laurie S. Frank

This is a great resource for covering NASPE Standard 4 while building community in your classroom. I highly recommend!

11. Instant Activities Volume 1: Dice Games by Kevin Tiller

The title says it all! Easy to use with printable ready-to-use activities with math integration. Need I say more? 

12. The Great Games Handbook by Kevin Tiller

Recommended for skill based activities. This resource uses creativity to keep kids active and engaged. 

13. The First Six Minutes! by Hal Cramer

Here is another fantastic must have for getting your students active from the start. If you want to increase your students MVPA then get it now!

14. Phys. Ed. Fun & Fitness by Kevin Tiller

This book includes “Warm-up activities”, “Skill Builders”, and “QR Codes in P.E.”. The awesome part is that it includes reproducibles making it easy to implement. Love that!!

Check out other great PE reads here and don't forget to share your favorites below!

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Friday, February 19, 2016

How Voxer changed my P.E. Professional Development Life!!!

You’re probably wondering what is Voxer?  Well simply put, it’s a walkie talkie app that lets you talk to anyone anytime. All you need is the app that can be downloaded for free on both iPhone and Android devices.  The app allows you to use voice, text, and photos for as a great group messaging tool. What’s great about this professional tool is that you can instantly communicate with Physical Education professionals from all over the world. Of course, there are upgrades that cost money. I use the free subscription and for me that’s all I need. If you’re looking to upgrade you can do that too for a cost. You can upgrade to Voxer Pro for $3.99 a month or $29.00 a year to add extras like larger group chats, share from Dropbox, increased storage, Walkie Talkie mode (instantly receive messages even when you’re not in the app) and downloading messages to your desktop or laptop.
If you think this would work for you here is how you can get started.

Watch this great youtube tutorial by Jo Bailey (@LovePhyEd). She explains how to download the app and everything you need to get started with this awesome professional development collaboration tool. You can find it at this link: 

Also, Mike Graham (@pe4everykid) has taken the time to make a great Physical Education Voxer Chat Groups Google Doc that lists ALL the different PE chat groups to participate in. To join a group, just contact the administrator of the group on voxer. Let them know you’d like to be added.

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Here’s a the list of Voxer Chat Groups I thought might be useful for most Physical Education professionals  The most updated list will always be found on the Google Doc mentioned above.
Adapted PE – teaching PE for students with special needs
Admin: Mike Graham | Voxer ID: mikegraham

Elementary PE group – discussing elementary physed
Admin: Helena Baert | Voxer ID: hbaert896

Elem PE Assessment – assessment, data-driven instruction, grading, report cards
Admin: Mike Graham | Voxer ID: mikegraham

Explain Everything – for teachers interested/using this app in PE
Admin: Nick Endlich | Voxer ID: endli613

Field Day Chat – run a Field Day at your school?  Get ideas here!
Admin: Dave Carney | Voxer ID: dcarne681

Fitness Testing Chat – all things fitness testing related
Admin: Samantha Nelson | Voxer ID: snelso9384

Health Chat – for all MS & HS health teachers
Admin: Jenny Wamsley | Voxer ID: jwamsl224

Integrated PE chat – incorporating cross-curricular content into PE lessons
Admin: Lynn Burrows | Voxer ID: lburro461

PE Technology Chat – Q&A on technology in PE
Admin: Matthew Bassett | Voxer ID: bassett1976

PE Large Group Classes – teachers who have large PE class sizes
Admin: Ben Pirillo | Voxer ID: bpiril593

Plickers – learn about the Plickers assessment system
Admin: Kevin Tiller | Voxer ID: ktille277