Friday, September 23, 2011


K4, K5, & 1st grade this week started class with a movement warm-up called Body Parts. We then exercised with bean bags and manipulated them in many different ways. To end class, we played an underhand sliding activity called Hot Foot!
2nd grade this week started class by reviewing the Physical Education class expectations. We then participated in a cardiovascular endurance warm-up called Scat Cat! We played a game called Clump where the students had to practice getting into groups. To end class, we practiced moving in general space by playing Mosquito Tag.

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade began class with a 5 levels of fitness activity named Meet & Greet. We then played Triangle Tag where we practiced getting into groups and we developed our cardiovascular system. To finish class, we played a game called Bears, Salmon, and Mosquito Football.

6th grade this week started class playing Meet and Greet. We then participated in a cardiovascular endurance fitness game named Triangle Tag. To end class, we did a cooperative activity called Who Am I .
The second lesson that the 6th grade had this week started with a muscular strength and endurance activity called Sumo Wrestling. We then went over throwing and catching cues and went outside for some practice drills!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

NFL PE teacher of the year award!!!

Please nominate me for the NFL PE teacher of the year award!!!
NFL Network is looking for those life-changing PE teachers leading the fight against childhood obesity. Do you know one? We will award the NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year a $10,000 stipend, a $10,000 school companion PE grant and a trip to the NFL Draft. The NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year will also act as a spokesperson for the program in 2012, both at Keep Gym in School events and with the media.

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to participate in quality physical education. As part of the Keep Gym in School mission, we seek to increase access to in-school physical activity and to teach skills needed to establish and sustain healthy lifestyles. The PE Teacher of the Year award recognizes the role of educators in achieving that mission.

Individuals may nominate one PE teacher between September 15, 2011 and December 31, 2012 for PE Teacher of the Year; nominations are only accepted online at and must be received no later than 8:00 PM EST on December 31, 2012.

NFL Network will distribute grant applications to all nominated teachers on approximately January 6, 2012. Applications must be completed and returned to NFL Network by February 3, 2012. The application will only be provided to those teachers who are nominated.


K through 6th grade this week started the year going over the class expectations. Students were given their assigned seats, but, as my students know, I wasn't going to stand there and talk as they just sat on the floor listening. I had to get them up and moving. We used movement activities to learn the Physical Education class expectations. To start class, we did a movement name game called Replay and then played Every One's It Tag to practice the 5 expectations of my class.

Enter & Exit Quietly
Be Respectful
Be Safe
Be Responsible
Stop, Look,  and Listen on the Signal