Friday, February 27, 2009

WEEK #24

K4 & K5 this week practiced and learned how to catch with a glove. However, we didn't use a glove like a baseball player would use. We recycled milk jugs!!! I cut the bottoms off milk jugs so that every child could have their own. We tried many different ways of trying to catch yarn balls. What a great way to develop hand-eye coordination!!!
1st & 2nd grade this week practiced and learned how to throw side arm!!! We were able to do this with some new foam Frisbees that I received. We started class playing some warm-up activities called Not Me and Toss & Catch Tag!! We finished class playing a Frisbee activity called Flyer Bowl with bowling pins!!!

3rd thru 5th grade continued to practice the skills of shooting a basketball, as well as, the skill of passing. We reviewed the critical elements of shooting and practiced the upper body part of shooting and the lower body part of shooting!! We also learned the bounce pass and the chest pass. We started class with an activity called You Pick where the students had to come up the warm-up exercises. The twist was they had to have all five levels of fitness in the activity. We finished class playing some passing and shooting activities called Zig Zag & Go!!!

6th grade this week started their bowling unit. We started class using the resistance bands where we performed some basic muscular endurance exercises. We then practiced the grip and pendulum swing in bowling and played the game High Pin to finish class.

7th & 8th grade is starting to wind down their volleyball unit. We reviewed the skills of bumping, setting, and serving. For our warm-ups, we used resistance bands and the game You Pick for our five levels of fitness!!! This week we focused on playing the regular game of volleyball.

Friday, February 20, 2009

WEEK #23

K4 thru 5th grade this week participated in Fairview's annual JUMP ROPE FOR HEART EVENT!!!!!!!! The student's for the past serveral weeks have been working hard on developing their jump rope skills. We also learned about how and why we need to take care of our heart. WAY TO STAY HEART HEALTHY!!!!!!
6th grade this week took a break from their core units and had a structured activity day. They participated in a warm-up activity where they had to pick the exercises to do. They had to have all the five levels of fitness in the warm-up. Dice were used to pick the exercise to perform and how many they had to do. We then played a game scalled Pin Guard where we practiced and developed our rolling skills. We are getting ready for our next unit which is going to be BOWLING!!!!!!

7th & 8th grade this week is continuing to practice and develop their bumping and setting skills for volleyball. We also started to practiced the skill of serving. They could choose either to practice their under hand serving or their over hand serving. Of course, over hand serving was encouraged. At the end of class, we played Mini Volleyball and a serving game called Go Fish.

WEEK #22

K5 this week used hula hoops to get exercise. However, we first participated in an activity called Number Scrabble where the students were given a scrabbled numbered ticket and they had to use a locomotor skill to find them. We then learned to hula hoop, as well as, manipulated them in many different ways. K5 is all about exploring manipulatives. The students really enjoyed this activity. We also tried some hula hoop tricks like jump roping the hoop, balancing with the hoop, and playing a game called Bumper Cars.1st & 2nd grade this week also did the warm up called Number Scrabble along with Fitnopoly. We then spent most of the physical education class discussing and playing an activity called Heart Attack Tag. Here we learned about the five things that hurt your heart. These are being a couch potato, eating junk food, smoking, stress, and body weight.

3rd thru 5th grade is still working on basketball skills (not playing just the game of basketball). The skills we continued to work on this week were dribbling and shooting. The activities we used to reinforce these skills were called Team Shoot Out and 7-Up.

6th grade this week had their test on the five levels of fitness. After the test, we played a game called On the Line Off the Line. This way we got some exercise for the day.

7th/8th grade this week finished up their five levels of fitness unit and began Volleyball. We started to practice the skills of bumping and setting and played a game at the end called Mini Volleyball where we used low nets. Fun was had by all!!

WEEK #21

K4 thru 2nd grade continued to get ready for Jump Rope for Heart. Simple jump rope tricks were practiced. We also manipulated the ropes into numbers, letters, and shapes. We also played some long rope activities called Snake in the Grass, High Fence Low Fence, Tic Toc, Around the World, and Cat and Mouse.

3rd thru 5th grade this week learned and practiced many different skills. 3rd grade developed their dribbling skills, 4th grade developed their ball handling skills, and 5th grade developed their shooting skills. The activities that were played to reinforce these skills were Knockout, Shoot out, and Dribble Flag Tag.
6th grade this week is finishing up learning about the five levels of fitness!!! This week we discussed body composition. We defined it, learned some examples of it, and finished up with why it's important to have a healthy body composition. The activities that were used to help reinforce this were called Body Fat Tag and Build a Body!! Their test will be next week. Make sure to study!

7th/8th grade this week is also continuing to learn about the five levels of fitness. This week we discussed muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. A station course was used to help learn about muscular strength and endurance. In this course, we had stability balls, resistance bands, dumb bells, and the climbing wall. For flexibility, we played scooter basketball while also talking about the difference between stretching to prevent injury and stretching to improve flexibility.