Sunday, February 21, 2010

WEEK #24

K4 & K5 started class playing an activity called Number Scrabble. We then continued class manipulating hula hoops. We then finished class playing an activity called Bumper Cars!!
2nd grade participated in a 5 levels of fitness activity called Going for the Gold (with hula hoops). We then manipulated the hula hoops and finished class playing Bug Off.

3rd grade did basketball twists and sit-ups for their 5 levels of fitness warm-up. We then went over basketball passing. We ended class playing a dribbling, passing, and shooting activity called Time Bomb.
6th grade finally got to learn about flexibility. This is the last level of fitness before their fitness test. We discussed what it means to be flexible and what the difference is between stretching to prevent injury and stretching to become more flexible!! We then continued class playing Scooter Basketball.

WEEK #23

1st grade started class with a warm-up called Dice Fun. We then manipulated hula hoops and ended class playing an activity called Bumper Cars!!!
4th & 5th grade began class learning and practicing partner jump rope tricks. We then went over dribbling and practiced dribbling in many different ways. We finished class playing partner Got Cha and Class Knockout!!

7th/8th did some jump roping for their personal fitness. For alot of the students it was the first time they jumped rope since they did Jump Rope for Heart. I guess that's my fault a little bit. We then went over the basketball skill of dribbling and ended class playing Full Class Knockout!!

WEEK #22

K4 & K5 this week continued to get ready for Jump Rope for Heart. We started class doing a warm-up called Ten 4 Ten (100 exercises!!!). We then practiced our jump roping skills. We finished class playing a long jump rope activity called Leap the River.

1st grade this week warmed up with an activity called Number Scrabble. We then played an activity called Attack of the Risk Factors!! Here we discussed the five things that make our hearts sick!! We then played agame to reinforce this concept.

2nd grade this week started class with an activity called Fitnolopy. We then finished class participating in an activity called Pin Guard. Here we learned and praticed the skills of throwing and rolling.
3rd grade this week warmed up doing partner jump rope tricks. We then learned and practiced the skill of dribbling and reinforced it with an activity called knockout.

4th grade this week continued practicing jump roping for Jump Rope for Heart. This week we started our basketball unit. We learned and practiced the skill of shooting and finished the class playing Shootout!!

5th grade did some partner jump rope tricks for their warm-up. We then continued our basketball unit. We learned and developed our passing skills and ended class playing Zig Zag & Go!!

6th grade learned the fourth level of fitness called body composition and played movement games where we reinforced this concept. We played Body Fat Catcher and Build a Healthy Body!!!
7th/8th grade is getting ready for Hoops for Heart. This week we went over shooting and dribbling. We finished both classes playing Knockout and Hot Shot!!

Need Your Help!!!!!

My name is Michael Beringer and I’m a Physical Education teacher at Fairview School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My current P.E. program is being cut to a .8 position. The students I serve will only have gym four days a week instead of five. Right now, I only see my 640 full inclusion students once a week for 45 minutes. With my position being cut, my students will receive even less physical education time than they are already receiving. I have taught at my school for almost 12 years now and I am saddened by the decision that has been made regarding the physical education program!!! Because of the budget shortfalls in my district, Physical Education is one of the areas being reduced. The current curriculum, facilities, and equipment are sufficient except for the fact that our current gymnasium was build for elementary age students. We’re a K-8th grade school so the gym doesn’t quite meet the needs of our 6th thru 8th grade students. However, I do my best to make it work. I’m writing in the hopes that you value health and fitness. If you, your company, or anyone you know could help my situation, it would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

WEEK #21

K4, K5, and 1st grade this week continued to practice and get ready for Jump Rope for Heart!!! We then manipulated the jump ropes by making letters of the alphabet. To end class, we played new long rope activities called Water Wave, Around the World , and Cat and Mouse.
2nd grade this week also continued to learn and practice the skill of jump roping. We also started to learn some jump rope tricks. Some of them included the bell, ski, straddle, and scissors. We ended class playing a bunch of long rope activities. They included High Fence Low Fence, Water Wave, Tic Toc, Around the World, and Cat & Mouse.

3rd and 5th grade this week started to learn and practice some jump rope tricks. We also started our first week of basketball skills. Here at Fairview, I don't teach the game of basketball, but we learn the skills of basketball. This week's skill was shooting. We ended class playing a shooting game called Shootout!!

6th grade this week continued their 5 levels of fitness unit. We went over the 2nd and 3rd component of fitness (muscular strength & muscular endurance). We defined it, talked about the benfits, and learned some examples of it. We then participated in a station course where we experienced what it feels like!!!
7th/8th grade this week started their new quarter. We spent the first day getting to know each other. We then learned how we were going to be graded. And, of course, we exercised playing Clothes Pin and Scarve Pull.