Monday, September 15, 2008


K-2nd grade students were exposed to activities that encourage helping and getting into groups. These students also started to manipulate poly spots into fun exercises. They also played a game call "Freeze" where students are encouraged to help and say please and thank you!!

This week the 3rd-8th grade students were exposed to some team building and classroom community activities. Here students are learning each others names in an activity that is both fun and educational.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Beringer, what an informative website. It's nice to know that the students are learning benefits of exercising. My child is not one of the many children who consume soda everyday. Only at special events is she allowed to have a soda. Speaking of high calorie items, how do I as a parent get my child to stop snacking? How can I obtain a food pyramid so that I can show her healthier choices?

Michael Beringer said...
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Michael Beringer said...

Never stop your child from snacking!! The human body should have 6 small meals a day. Snacking allows the body to get those six meals!! When a child wants a snack make sure to have fruit, nuts, and whole wheat crakers. And for the food pyramind--just google it!! You'll find tons of information.

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