Friday, February 20, 2009

WEEK #23

K4 thru 5th grade this week participated in Fairview's annual JUMP ROPE FOR HEART EVENT!!!!!!!! The student's for the past serveral weeks have been working hard on developing their jump rope skills. We also learned about how and why we need to take care of our heart. WAY TO STAY HEART HEALTHY!!!!!!
6th grade this week took a break from their core units and had a structured activity day. They participated in a warm-up activity where they had to pick the exercises to do. They had to have all the five levels of fitness in the warm-up. Dice were used to pick the exercise to perform and how many they had to do. We then played a game scalled Pin Guard where we practiced and developed our rolling skills. We are getting ready for our next unit which is going to be BOWLING!!!!!!

7th & 8th grade this week is continuing to practice and develop their bumping and setting skills for volleyball. We also started to practiced the skill of serving. They could choose either to practice their under hand serving or their over hand serving. Of course, over hand serving was encouraged. At the end of class, we played Mini Volleyball and a serving game called Go Fish.


Mr. Hampton said...

Hi Mr. Beringer,

I'm a elementary PE teacher in Oregon and I just discoverd your webpage and must say it is great! I am always looking online for other great ways to teach my students.

From your pictures your classes look like they are lots of fun and there is plenty of movement and learning taking place!

Thank You,
Jerad Hampton
Forest Ridge Elementary
Keizer, OR.

Karla and Sammy said...

I guess that is very fun to play with.I wish our school had the kinds of games your school has.Our school
has only a regular gym.Your school must be very big and cool...Thanks for sharing your whole school with us!!