Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WEEK #30

1st grade this week participated in the same lesson as the first graders during week #29. They celebrated Easter by playing the games Egg Fitness, Smash the Egg, and Scrambled Eggs. At the end, every child was given an egg to take home with a small treat inside. Also, a nice message was written on their eggs.

4th grade this week started their Team Building unit. This week we discussed the no put downs rule and about the challenge by choice rule!!! We started class with a five levels of fitness warm-up called Bumper Cars. We then discussed the word teamwork and played two activities called Musical Hoops and Hoop the Hula Hoop. We had a great time!!!

7th/8th grade this week finished up some of their community building activities and started the first day of their Badminton Unit. This week emphasized birdie and racket orientation. We discussed the difference between forehand and backhand and participated in some basic striking drills. We finished class playing the activity called Keep it Up where the students had to demonstrate control hitting.


Anonymous said...

What are the 8th graders doing in the picture?

Deb said...

I want everyone to know that Fairview is very fortunate to have such a fantastic PE Specialist. He encourages both children and adults to "keep moving". Thanks, Mike!

Barb said...

"Mr. B" provides a funtastic physical education program for the students at Fairview School.
The children thoroughly enjoy his class; afterwards, not always realizing they just had a workout.
Mike has introduced lots of great new ideas and equipment to the students and staff in our school.
Double thumbs up Mike!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for always finding a way to include the students with disabilities!

Anonymous said...

"Mr. B" always has great activities for the kids to do. We are fortunate to have him at our school. Koch