Friday, June 5, 2009

WEEK #37

K5 this week got their five levels of fitness in with an activity called High Five. This activity helped us develop muscular strength & cardiovascular endurance. The next activity we played was called Treasure Hunt. Here we used paper plates to get exercise. The students had to find the hidden treasure. Here is another example of how the Fairview Physical Education program is going green.

1st & 3rd grade this week went outside to exercise. Here we used frisbees to practice the frisbee throw and then played Frisbee Golf. Some basic golf etiquette was also taught. I set up a golf course using cones and tennis balls. The kids had a great time.

2nd grade this week also went outside to exercise. The students got their five levels of fitness in by playing I see...You see... and Math War. To finish class, we used crazy balls and played an activity called Crazy Ball. The students developed their hand-eye coordination, as well as,their reaction time.
4th grade this week got their five levels of fitness in with an activity called Ladders. We then used the giant cage ball and played the game Jolly Ball. With this game, we developed our kicking skills and had a muscular endurance workout!!!

5th grade this week had the unique opportunity to play softball. As most physical education teachers know, you have to be flexible when unforeseen situations occur. We took our hitting practice from last week and played a friendly game. All students could choose how to hit, either from a tee or pitched. We played for fun and did not keep score.

6th grade this week began their softball unit. Since we only have two weeks left in the school year, we went over a lot the first day. We discussed how to wear a glove, to grip a softball, how to field, and basic hitting skills. Our five levels of fitness this week was an activity called Odd or Even Tag with Dice.
7th/8th grade this week continued to develop their throwing, catching, and hitting skills. We also started to play the game of softball. However, one day this week we had to stay inside because of rain. On that day, we played Odd & Even Tag with Dice for our five levels of fitness warm-up. We finished class playing the cage ball game Jolly Ball.

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