Monday, December 14, 2009

WEEK #14

K4 this week learned and practiced striking an object with a long handle implement. We first warmed up to a movement song called Sammy. We then used plastic candy canes to manipulate a deck ring. We finished class playing a gamed called Drive Away.

K5 this week exercised by learning the movement skill of rolling. We first warmed-up with an activity called Five Noses. We then learned and practiced underhand rolling with wiffleballs and bowling pins. To finish class, we played an activity callled Try to Catch a Snowman.

1st grade warmed up this week playing a cardiovascular activity called Knockout. We then used plastic candy canes to learn how to strike with a  long handle implement. We then played Hockey Tag. To finish class, we played Hockey Scat Cat.

2nd grade this week also did the cardiovascular activity called Knockout. We then practiced moving in self space and general space with a game called Beep Beep Times Up. We finished class participating in the activity called Sharks and Dolphins.

3rd grade this week also participated in the cardiovascular activity called Knockout and finished class playing the game called Try To Catch a Monkey. We used hockey sticks, noodles, and deck rings to play this fantastic game.

4th grade this week learned and practiced the skill of overhand throwing. We first warmed up by doing a muscular strength and muscular endurance activity called Wipeout. The song Wipeout by Safari was used to guide us through the activity. We finished class playing a game called Smash the Turkey.

5th grade this week reinforced one of the five levels of fitness called Body Composition. We played the game called Energy In and Energy Out to help us learn it better. We then started our hockey unit by learning some basic puck manipulation skills. We ended class playing the game called Hockey Tag.

6th grade this week continued their badmintion unit. We warmed up with an activity called Same And Different. We then reviewed the movement skill called the overhand clear. We finished class practicing the skill of serving and playing the activity called Dead Fish!!

7th & 8th grade this week continued their hockey unit. We started class playing the cardiovascular game called Wipeout and/or Hockey Tag. We then practiced some hockey skills with partners and finished class playing Goalie Ball and/or Gotcha.

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