Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WEEK #11

K4 thru 1st grade started class with a heart healthy math integration activity named Number Scramble. We then manipulated the hula hoops in many different ways. We hula hooped, spun them, did some tricks, pogo, jumped roped, and rolled them!! We finished class playing a game called Bumper Cars!! In this game, we learned to take turns and have good sportsmanship.
2nd thru 4th grade this week began class with an activity I got from PE Universe called Shipwreck!! It is a fantastic activity to learn listening skills!! We then went over the cues of catching!! Thumbs down thumbs up!!We practiced our cues with an activity called Concentration Catch! We ended class playing a game named Island Ball. Here we got the opportunity to apply what we learned earlier in class.
5th grade this week did a medicine ball warm-up! A great way to get ready for our Muscular Strength & Endurance fitness assessment. We then talked about the concept of striking an object with another object. To experience this concept, we played a game called Try To Catch A Turkey!

6th grade this week started class reviewing the skill of serving. The cues were quickly reviewed and they then scattered off to practice. The students were reminded to do their fitness first!! Since Badminton can't be played if you can't serve, we are taking extra time in developing this skill. After serving practice, we then practiced some birdie coordination activities called Super Ups and Overhead Clears. To end class, we played a very active game called Hit & Go.

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