Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WEEK #21

K4 thru 1st grade this week finished getting ready for JRFH by jumping rope on their own. They were constantly reminded to turn first and jump second. We then manipulated the jump rope by making letters from the alphabet. We made lower case and capital letters to give us time to catch our breaths. We then finished class with some long rope games called Snake In the Grass, High Fence/Low fence, and Tic Toc.

2nd grade continued learning and practicing long rope tricks. They then played a game called Partner Duck, Duck, Goose where everyone is active. This activity is not at all like the old school game of Duck, Duck, Goose!!! We ended class playing Don't Become a Turtle!! During this game, we focused on NASPE Standard #5.
3rd and 4th grade this week continued with their long rope trick practice for JRFH! We then started our mini basketball unit with the skill of dribbling. We went over the cues and practiced some static and dynamic dribbling. We then finished class playing a classic dribbling game named Knockout.

5th grade also continued their long rope trick practice for JRFH. They started their mini basketball unit, but they started with shooting. As a class, we went over the BEEF concept of shooting (Balance, Elbow In, Eye On Target, and Follow Through). We then peer critiqued each other as we practiced shooting against the wall. We ended class with a cool shooting game called Spot Shot.
7th/8th grade's fitness this week was called Fitness Basketball. We did some dynamic foot and ball handling activities to get ready for class. We then went over the cues for shooting and ended class playing Shoot Out!


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Anonymous said...

I read at the top that the students only get to participate in physical education once a week for 45 minutes, is it hard to work with them only once a week? I'm a pre-service physical education teacher and some of the classes I have observed meet multiple times a week so its interesting to see a different schedule.