Sunday, April 15, 2012

WEEK #22

K4 this week started class with I See...You See! We then played a cardiovascular activity called Fire & Ice. We ended class playing a game named Dog Catcher.

1st and 2nd grade began class playing a fitness game called Do What I Say-Not What I do! We then went over the cues of underhand rolling and practiced this skill using their own 3 pins. To finish class, we used our skill of underhand rolling to play Ultimate Pinball.
3rd & 4th grade this week spent fitness time participating in an activity called Squirrels In The Trees. We then reviewed the cues of dribbling a ball with the concentration on keeping our head up. To practice this, we used bean bags and dribbling while manipulating the bean bags in creative ways. To end class, we played Dribble Flag Tag, again concentration on keeping our heads up.

7th/8th grade this week spent fitness time with an activity called Switch. It is a great activity to incorporate all five levels of fitness. We then went over the basics of shooting a basketball and I skill checked as they practiced against the wall. We then played Shootout #2 to review and practice these cues.

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