Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WEEK #14

K4 thru 1st grade this week started class with an activity called Uno Fitness. We then used plastic grocery bags for creative movement and hand-eye catching activities. We made parachutes, movement patterns, snowballs, and rockets. We then finished class playing a game called Bag Flag Tag.
2nd grade this week started class doing a 5 Levels of Fitness activity called Fitness Puzzles. We then finished class by participating in Treasure Island. It is a game where students practice using their spatial awareness, dodging, and locomotor skills in a game situation.
3rd thru 8th grade started working on volleyball. The students were reminded that we will never really play volleyball but that we will learn the movement skills that go with volleyball and participate in activities that make us use the skills we're learning. So, this week we began class with volleyball fitness activities. Here we used the volleyballs to do various 5 levels of fitness activities. Then we went over the underhand/overhand serve (depending on grade). To end class, we either played Bombs Away or Dead Fish. All the grades had a blast!!!

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