Monday, August 12, 2013

Sorry for lack of posts!! But some good news!!!

To all my followers.  I'm very sorry I have been absent from blogging for part of this school year. It's just been one of those years!! Because of the hectic school year, I was only able to put half of my Physical Education lessons up for this year. Hopefully next year I can get back on track. There is some good news this year. I was awarded the WHPE (Wisconsin Health and Physical Education) Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the year award for the 2013 school year. I did not earn this award alone. I would like to thank everyone who has helped throughout the years. Nothing is accomplished without help! I would like to thank Brett for nominating me, my family for helping me along the way, my wife for always being by my side, and finally my students at Fairview for allowing me to share my love for movement with them. I'm having a great summer and enjoying some much needed down time to come back next school year re-energized!! Thanks again for following my PE blog!!! Mr. Beringer

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