Saturday, October 19, 2013


K4 thru 1st grade's ASAP (Activity as Soon as Possible) was called Body Parts. We then played a physically active pretend activity called Ladders. We finished class manipulating bean bags and playing a game called Hot Foot.

2nd grades ASAP for the day was called Scat Cat. We then practiced getting into groups with a game called Body Parts. To finish class, we played Mosquito Tag to go over an aspect of Sportsmanship.

3rd thru 5th grade's ASAP for the day was called Meet and Greet. We then participated in an activity called Connection Eyes where we discussed the word of the day. We went over the word "communication." We played the activity verbally and non-verbally while getting physically active.

6th thru 8th grade's ASAP was named Meet and Greet. We then learned what a calorie is and why it's important. We then played the activity called Catapult where we had to burn one pound of body fat. We discussed why it's so hard to lose a pound of body fat.

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