Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WEEK #10

K4 thru 2nd grade ASAP for the week was called Step Right Up. We then used Plastic Grocery Bags to practice our catching skills. We manipulated the plastic bags in many different ways so that the students could get as many catching opportunities has possible during the class time. We ended class making rocket ships and playing Plastic Bag Flag Tag. The students really enjoyed this lesson.

3rd thru 8th grade this week is finishing up their fitness testing. Our ASAP for the week we used a cage ball and did a 5 levels of Fitness activity called Train Tracks!! We then used the cage ball to play a activity called Battleball. Here the students la down on their backs and kick the cage ball back and fourth with goalies to see who can score the most points. We then finished class preforming our sit & reach flexibility test. The whole purpose of our two activities for the day were to warm-up our legs for the Flex test. Mission accomplished.

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