Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week #8

K4 thru 2nd grade's ASAP was Go Touch. We then reviewed our loco-motor skills with an activity called Beep, Beep, Times Up. We practiced the skill of rolling. We then put this skill into practice with a game called Don't Be Couch Potatoes!!

3rd thru 8th grade's ASAP for the day was a muscular strength and endurance game called Dagger. We then reviewed our rolling for bowling cues with Roll and Catch Tag. We went over the bowling set-up and played a quick bowling activity called Ten pin!!


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Jill Litfin said...

I am really enjoying your blog! I am a PE teacher in Barnum, MN and I really like your ASAP games and how you are able to build on skills throughout the grades in your day!

Michael Beringer said...

Thank you for following my blog. I truly appreciate it!

Abigail Harris said...

Is there a place where you have explained your activities or where there are directions? Thank you!