Thursday, August 20, 2015

Plickers for paperless assessments!!

Why you should Plicker? Assessment made easy!!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all of our students had their own electronic device? If these devices aren’t available in your school then Plickers is definitely for you! What are Plickers? Plickers stands for “paper clickers.” They are 40 pre-made cards that let teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. Students are given or assigned a card to hold up to answer questions given by the teacher to check for understanding. All the teacher has to do is scan the room with any IOS or Android device. Results are given instantly as to which students understand and which do not.  The results can be shown for each individual student or you can have it show the overall percentage for the class.  The pre-made cards can be found and printed off for free at http// or you can purchase a laminated set on Amazon for $20!

The benefits of Plickers:
                -They are easy to use!
                -Can be used by any IOS or Android device (phone or tablet).
                -It’s a totally free APP.
                -It’s a great way to infuse technology into your program.
                -It’s quick and doesn’t use any paper.
                -It’s graded instantly! –No grading at home! J
                -You can plan questions ahead of time or on the fly.
-Can be used for pre-assessments, checks for understanding, polls, class surveys, and exit tickets.
                -Can print a free set on

For great tutorials of how to set up and use Plickers go to:

For Number 4, scroll down to Plicker Visual Questions on the left side menu. This one has pre-made assessments.

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Jillian Fehringer said...

Great Article!
Technology and Physical Education can work together. There are many resources that can be implemented into the classroom. The tools you have are endless including YouTube, Android or Apple apps, and much more. These tools can be essential in building students engagement and activity within the classroom. Many of the students are more tech savvy then the teachers are now a days. The Plickers app is an amazing app. This free app allows you to use paperless assessments to calculate students answers. Another great app is the Tabatas app which is a 20 sec workout the kids do and the app starts and stops to basically run the class. What I like best about this app is how you are allowed to change the workout to best fit the needs of your students.
Thanks for all of the great post.


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