Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Moving & Grooving: P.E. Movement Songs
One of my favorite parts of developing a quality Physical Education lesson is creating and researching quality ASAP’s (aka. Instant activities to begin my classes). Over the years, I have found many types of awesome ASAP’s. I feel one of the most neglected kinds are Movement Songs. Yes! I said MOVEMENT SONGS!!! They are great for the early childhood grades. I personally have used movement songs all the way up to 2nd grade. They’re amazing for teaching listening skills, movement concepts, benefits of fitness, locomotor skills, etc. If you have been reading my past blogs, you’ll see that I love sharing professional development ideas. I love giving back because so many fellow professionals have helped me throughout my Physical Education teaching career. I remember early in my teaching career where I felt lost and helpless and there was always someone willing to help. Of course, I had to reach out for the help. Below I have shared a sample of Movement Songs I found throughout my 19 years of teaching K4 thru 8th grade Physical Education. The top two movement song companies that I would recommend are The Learning Station and Greg & Steve. What makes them so great is that you can buy their CD’s and/or subscribe to their Youtube channels. Then you can either download the music on your phone or tablet and bluetooth it through an Ion Block Rocker or you can use a tablet/chromebook with a projector and use their videos on a white screen or on a white wall.
Swimming Song - The Learning Station
Give Me Ten - The Learning Station
Jumping Jacks - The Learning Station
Singing In the Rain - The Learning Station
Can You Keep Your Balance - The Learning Station
Physical Ed - The Learning Station
Gallop - The Learning Station
Monkey In The Middle - The Learning Station https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGxvCTCWWhM
Move & Freeze - The Learning Station
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes - The Learning Station
Move & Freeze - The Learning Station
Slide Slide - The Learning Station
Animal Action #1 - Greg & Steve
Animal Action #2 - Greg & Steve
The Balancing Act - Greg & Steve
Bean Bag Boogie  #1 & #2 - Greg & Steve
Can’t Sit Still - Greg & Steve
The Freeze - Greg & Steve
Listen & Move - Greg & Steve

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