Sunday, November 16, 2008

WEEK #11

K4 thru 2nd grade this week improved their cardiovascular endurance with warm up activities called Give Me Ten, The Jumping Jack Song, and Wipeout (a movement game that uses the the song Wipeout by the Safari's. The K4 and K5 students also participated in an activity called Find a Friend where students learned how to find partners to play with. Rolling and throwing were the skills that were focused on this week.
3rd and 4th grade students participated in a math warm-up where adding, subtracting, and multiplication skills were used from the class room to get in shape. These grades also practiced their rolling skills and ended class with a rolling game called Fire Fighter.

5th and 6th grade did not have gym this week because of testing!!!!!

7th/8th grade students just started 2nd quarter physical education. The first two weeks we will be spending class time doing Team Building activities to foster community.


Chela said...

It's very helpful to understand the "movement framework", as explained in Mike's profile. It helps me understand what physical education is targeting.

Mama A said...

Mike, I like your foray into the world of technology for the purpose of communicating what you are doing to parents and community. Everyone would understand each other to a greater degree if we used the tools available to us. Keep up the good work.

Savannah Heigl 6th grade RM 35 said...

Ahhhhh......... they are so cute. I bet you came up with the best activity for them!!! YOU ROCK MR.B!!!!!!!