Monday, November 24, 2008

WEEK #12

K4-2nd grade students celebrated Thanksgiving by participating in some activities where throwing overhand and catching were the focus!! These activities were called Partner Catch , Blizzard, and Try to Catch a Turkey.

3rd-5th grade students this week learned about body composition. The activities that were played were Body Fat Tag and Wipeout which are both great activities for enhancing your cardiovascular system.

6th grade continued to practice their badminton skills. They went over the overhead clear and serving. They finished up by playing the actual game of badminton. They seemed to really enjoy the game.

7th/8th grade this week started their unit on team building. The class participated in activities that included Good Morning, Rain Maker, and Group Catch. The focus is to build community in the classroom!!


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I think that you're website is very well organized. Keep it up Mr. Beringer!
-Erynn Lewis

Tweathered said...

Could you please explain body fat tag and whipout