Monday, March 16, 2009

WEEK #26

K5 this week exercised using balloons. We talked about and practiced coordination. We tried multiple body parts to practice coordination, one of the 6 levels of skill related fitness. We warmed up playing Balloon Tag and then finished class playing a game called Keep It Up!! The students really enjoyed this lesson!!

1st & 2nd grade this week developed their catching skills. However, this week we didn't use our hands. We practiced how to catch an object with another object (Ex. Baseball). Since I don't have enough gloves for every student, we used milk jugs instead. We tried many different ways of trying to catch with the milk jug and then at the end of class we played an activity called Zone Ball.

3rd & 5th grade this week started volleyball. We will be learning the three basic skills of setting, bumping, and serving. This week we practiced the skill of setting. We discussed when and why we need to learn it. Our five levels of fitness warm-up this week was done using the volleyballs. We did volleyball sit-ups & twists. We finished class with activities called Alphabet and Four Square.

4th grade this week had to figure out what five levels of fitness were not in our Fitness Grid warm-up. After the warm-up, we practiced the skill of rolling. We finished class playing an activity called Pin Guard where everyone could practice the skill.

6th grade this week played a warm-up game called Energy In & Energy Out. This is an activity where we discuss the importance of energy balance. Calories in have to equal calories out in order to maintain a healthy body composition. We finished class continuing to play the bowling game called Bowling Bingo.

7th & 8th grade is continuing to develop their hockey skills. This week we reviewed the skills of carrying and dribbling the puck, as well as, learning the safe and proper way of striking the puck. We learned the slap shot and the wrist shot. We ended class this week playing activities called Gotcha & Sideline Hockey.


Anonymous said...

Love the site, Mr. B. Looks like the kids are having a great time :)

gavin and tristin said...

I would like to try hockey some time it sounds fun.Great job on this blog I've never seen a P.E. blog before i wish our school had one.