Friday, March 20, 2009

WEEK #27

K4 this week had the opportunity to exercise by manipulating balloons. We played balloon tag, as well as, practiced our coordination skills by striking the balloon with various body parts. We ended class by participating in an activity called Keep It Up!!
K5 thru 2nd grade this week celebrated St. Patricks Day by learning and practicing how to throwing underhand!!! Our five levels of fitness warm-up was the Animal Action song for k5 & Smoking Tag for 1st/2nd grade. We then practiced the skill of underhand throwing with partners and hula hoops. I hung Hula Hoops all over the gym walls and the students were able to pick any level they wanted to throw into. We ended class playing an under hand throwing activity called Pot of Gold!!

3rd grade this week continued with their volleyball unit. They reviewed the skill of setting and then began to learn the skill of bumping. We ended class with a game called Mini Volleyball where we played volleyball on badminton courts with badminton nets.

6th grade just finished their bowling unit and we decided to have a games day before we start our new unit. But that didn't mean we were not going to learn anything. Our warm up this week focused on one of the 7 levels of skill related fitness. We focused on reaction time and played an activity where we tested our reaction time. The activities were called Snatch It and T or F Tag. We finished class playing a rolling activity called Fire Fighter.

7/8th grade this week is ending their last few days of third quarter with some team building activities. We talked about verbal and nonverbal communication as we participated in activities called Snatch It, Here or There, Maze, and Cage Ball Soccer.


Anonymous said...

are you a national board certified teacher?
what you are doing is great!

Anonymous said...

No I am not, but how do you become one?


Judy said...

All of your games sound awesome. Is there any place that the rules of the games are written?