Sunday, September 27, 2009


K5 this week warmed-up with an activity called I see....You see... We then discussed what the job of our muscles are and how to take care of them with an activity called Muscle Fun. We finished class learning the concept of self space and general space. We practiced this concept while manipulating deck rings and playing the game called Soccer Tag.

1st grade this week learned the names of our body parts with an activity called Up Down. We then continued class with manipulating bean bags. We learned the secrets to becoming a better catcher, as well as, played the game Hot Foot.

3rd grade this week started class learning the first level of fitness called Cardiovascular Endurance (CV)with a game named Clothes Pin. We then did some partner activities called Leaning Tower of Noodles and Tug a Noodle. We finished class playing another CV activity called Mosquito.

5th grade this week focused on learning how to work together with some team building activities called Bear, Mosquito, and Salmon Football and Tarp challenges where students had to work together to manipulate a tarp.

7th/8th grade this week continued their team building unit. This week we participated in activities called Crossing The Great River and From Peace to War.

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