Tuesday, September 29, 2009


K4 and K5 this week warmed-up with a movement song called "Singing In The Rain." We then reviewed the activity called I See... You See..... We ended class manipulating yarnballs and playing the acitivity called Monster.

1st grade this week excercised with Fun Noodles. We reviewed the level of fitness Cardiovascular Endurance (CV) with an activity called Skip To My Noodle. We then manipulated the noodles in many different ways. We balanced them, jumped over them, used them as rockets and caught them. We ended class playing an activity called Muncher!!!! My job is great. What a fun day!!

2nd grade this week went over the concept of self space and general space. We then played the game called Scat Cat. After this, we practiced getting into partner groups by playing a game called Body Parts. We finished class doing the activity Muncher where we continued learning the concept of self space and general space.

3rd grade this week reviewed the level of fitness Cardiovascular Endurance. We played the game Snatch to reinforce this concept. To finish class, we worked on a team building activity called Tarp.

4th grade this week concentrated on Team Building activities where we learned to become a classroom community. The activities that were used to reinforce this concept were Bears, Mosquito, Salmon Football and Tarp.

5th grade this week discussed the level of fitness called Cardiovascular Endurance with the game called Musical Fitness. Then we discussed the physical skills of throwing and catching and played the game Pass & Go.

6th grade this week began getting ready for their field trip to Potters Forest, a ropes and challenge course. We got some CV exercise by playing the game Odd and Even. We finished class with the community building activity called Tarps.

7/8th grade this week continued developing their throwing and catching skills with skill pratice and an activity called Pass & Go.

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