Sunday, January 3, 2010

WEEK #16

K5 this week participated in a station course. The course was designed to review many of the skills we learned and praticed during the first four months of the school year. Plus, there were a couple stations just for fun!!! The six stations were rolling, dribbling, striking with a long handle implement, overhand throwing, rock climbing wall, and noodle chip building.

1st grade this week warmed-up with an activity called Fitness Puzzles. We then learned and practiced the skill of bouncing and dribbling with our hands. We practiced bouncing and dribbling with one hand, two hands, and alternating right hand and left hand. We then finished class playing an activity called Stuck In The Mud.

3rd grade this week started class with a warm up activity called Heart Attack Tag. We learned about the five risk factors that cause heart disease and played a movement game to learn it. We then finished class with a muscular strength and muscular endurance activity with a cage ball called Battleball.

4th and 5th grade this week participated in a warm-up activity called Fit Tic Tac Toe. Here we reviewed some of the five levels of fitness. We finished class, ending our hockey unit, with playing Hockey.

7th/8th grade this week warmed-up with activities called Heart Attack Tag and Hideout. We then finished class playing Sideline Hockey.