Monday, January 18, 2010

WEEK #19

K4, K5, and 1st grade this week started to get ready for Jump Rope For Heart!! We started class with an activity called Tail Tag. We manipulated the jump rope by creating a mustache, beard, earrings, pony tail, etc. with the rope. I then taught the skill of jumping rope by teaching the concepts of jumping and turning the rope seperately. We finished class playing the game Tail Tag again.

2nd grade this week started class with an activity called Dead Bug. We then learned how to measure our jump ropes so that we too could begin to get ready for JRFH. We finished class playing an activity called  Mouse Trap.

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade this week also started to get ready for JRFH. We measured our jump ropes and reviewed the basic concepts of rope jumping. Some of these included jumping on your toes, turning with your wrist, and turning first then jumping second. We ended class playing an activity called Treasure Hunt!!!

6th grade this week started their 5 Levels of Fitness Unit. This week we started with cardiovascular endurance. We defined it, talked about the benefits, and listed some examples of it. We then ended class by participating in a CV station course. The course lasted for 30 minutes!!!

7th and 8th grade this week used medicine balls for their fitness time. Group A then continued with their volleyball unit. We started to learn the physical skills of bumping and setting and finished class playing Keep It Up to reinforce these skills. Group B continued with their games unit. This week we played Battleball and Jollyball.

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