Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WEEK #10

K4 thru 5th grade this week all got the opportunity to participate in the annual Fairview Halloween Obstacle Course. An obstacle course was set up with the gym lights off. The students look forward to this every year and again it was a hit.
7th/8th grade this week continued with their modified Hockey unit. Again, this week the students used medicine balls for the Five Levels of Fitness warm-up. We then played an activity where we got the chance to practice our dribbling, passing, and shooting skills in a game called Monkey In the Middle!!!


jose said...


Is a very interesting that the student have th opportunity the practice in a race style Halloween, well the student is excited e interest by the activity physical and that for this type of things what better is be innovative.
Other point that us call the anttention was that the students have the opportunity of practice hockey to early age that is something interesting as are teaches a new sport with few years, that practice passes, shots and plays of sport so complicate and for us little known as hockey.
In general we this activity because was which but we drew attention by working style and by activities that performed for us was very interesting worthy of have account.

gabriel said...

Dear mr, we are Rodrigo Andres Jorquera Castillo and Gabriel Dela fuente , we live in chile,and studying physical education in the universidad catolica, at talca. we must say that i found interesting to post. we as a student of physical education we need be at the vanguard , i will daily reviews of physical performance and sports, many times these are very unfair and not value the results base don the improvement of students, but worry about table sand win mark which are ofthen unrealistic program to habilities of studentes.
In turn believe that the measuries take classes that are untable to pass by the students, not the most advisable solution but to seek new methods of work and evaluation, well we congratulation him for his work and give you a lot of thanks for leave your knows.