Tuesday, November 2, 2010


K5 this week started class with a warm-up called One Step Behind. We then learned that we really don't need equipment or toys to exercise. All we really need is our body! So, all the activities we played this week required just our body. We played Go Touch, Beep Beep Time Up, and Bippity Boppity Boo!!

1st grade this week started class with a warm-up song called Singing In the Rain. We then manipulated yarn balls and finished class playing Monster Tag.

2nd grade this week learned and practiced some foot skills. We started class with a warm-up called Carry Down & Back. We then learned and practiced the skills of dribbling and kicking with an activity called London Bridges. To finish class, we reinforced these skills with a game called The Fox & Hound!
3rd  & 4th grade this week started class playing a teacher led warm-up called One Step Behind. We then played a math game called Quick Draw. Here we had to use are adding, subtracting, and multiplication skills. We ended class playing a rolling game called Fire Fighter. In this game, we reviewed fire safety while learning the skill of rolling.
5th grade this week continued their Team Building Unit. We discussed and learned what problem solving means and practiced this concept with an activity called Crossing the Great River!!
6th grade participated in a cardiovascular endurance warm-up called Sharks & Minnows. We then continued are Flag Football unit and practiced our throwing & catching skills with an activity called Throw & Go with Flags!!

7th/8th grade finished up their Flag Football unit this week. We started each class with Sharks & Minnows for our cardiovascular fitness and then played Throw & Go with Flags. In one of the class periods, we also had our Fitness & Flag Football quiz to see what we learned and retained!!

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