Monday, December 6, 2010

WEEK #13

K4, K5, & 1st grade started class with a song called Give Me Ten. We then went over the basic cues of rolling a ball and played a game called Try To Catch a Turkey!!

2nd grade got some cardiovascular exercise with a warm-up activity called Wipeout (it's to the song called Wipeout). We then went over the gross motor skill of rolling a ball. To finish class, they participated in a game called Turkey Hunt.

3rd grade also got some cardiovascular exercise with the warm-up activity called Wipeout!! We then talked about, discussed, and learned the basic cues of overhand throwing. To practice this skill, we played a beach ball game named Smash The Turkey.
4th grade started class with a medicine ball workout (muscular strength & endurance). We then celebrated Thanksgiving with an activity named Try To Catch A Turkey.

5th & 6th grade this week began their fitness testing. This week we took the pacer test. This is a test that measures their cardiovascular endurance. All the students did a fabulous job performing the test!

7th & 8th grade this week started their Badminton Unit (striking with long handle implements). We started class getting ready for our fitness testing. We played a cardiovascular activity called Energy In & Energy Out!! Next, we learned and practiced the skill of serving, the most important part of badminton!!! To practice more, we played a serving game called Dead Fish!!!

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