Monday, December 6, 2010

WEEK #14

K4 this week started class with a movement song called Animal Action. We then practiced our locomotor skills with an activity named Five Noses. The skill we learned and practiced this week was catching. To practice, we played a game called Catch Someone's Snowball!!!

4th & 5th grade this week are getting ready for their muscular strength & endurance fitness test with a game called Wipeout. We then celebrated Thanksgiving with a beach ball activity called Smash The Turkey!!

7th & 8th grade continued getting ready for their fitness tests by using the resistance bands for their warm-up this week!!! We then reviewed and practiced the skill of serving again. We then added some basic birdie and racket orientation drills and finished up by playing Two-On-Two Knockout.


Mrs. Miller said...

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Alejandro said...

Hello, my name is Alejandro Miranda and I am a physical education freshman at Universidad Catolica del Maule, located in Talca, Chile.
I believe your blog is excellent. I really like the way you organized your student’s works.
Regarding materials, I believe yours are very interesting, because I have not seen something like that here in Chile, they are very colorful and call the student’s attention, and keep them interested in the lesson.
Your message toward the students: ‘I always tell my students that they do not have to practice a sport or to be an athlete to participate in physical activities or to do exercise’, is very important because it has as main purpose to make the students learn by having fun, and they can realize that they can do healthy exercises by playing games.
There is a picture I found very original, it is the picture of a wall, which the students climb, from the 15th and 16th week.
You do a great job; keep doing it as you are.
Best Regards from Chile,

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