Monday, January 3, 2011

WEEK #16

K4, K5, 1st, and 2nd grade started class with a cardiovascular game called Toilet Tag (we even used real toilet paper rolls). We then used miniature red balls and practiced the skills of bouncing and dribbling a ball. We ended class playing Mud Monsters!!
3rd grade started class learning about calories and then played a game called Energy In and Energy Out to experience it. We then played a muscular strength and endurance game called Battle Ball (Cage Ball).
4th and 5th grade this week started and finished taking two of their fitness tests. We finished the push-up and curl-up test for the Fitnessgram.
6th grade again started class using the resistance bands to improve their muscular strength and endurance. We then finished class playing Sideline Hockey with two goals each.

7th/8th started taking their fitness tests. This week we did the pacer test (CV), push-up test (MS), and curl-up test (ME).

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