Monday, January 3, 2011

WEEK #15

K4 and K5 this week started class with a warm-up song called The Jumping Jack Song. We then used plastic candy canes and practiced the skill of striking an object with an object. To finish class, we used our imagination and turned the candy canes into cars and delivered presents to each other.
1st grade this week warmed-up with a dice game called Knockout. We then used real hockey sticks and practiced dribbling, striking, and passing a deck ring to each other. To end class, we played Hockey Tag!!

2nd and 3rd grade started class with a game called Do What I Say, Not What I do! We then discussed and practiced the skill of throwing with two activities. We played Concentration Catch and Bench ball.
4th and 5th grade started class using the resistance bands (muscular strength & endurance). We discussed and practiced the skill of overhand throwing and finished class playing Hideout.

6th grade started class this week improving their muscular strength and endurance by using the resistance bands. We then finished class playing Hockey. Here we took all our skills that we learned and had a great cardiovascular workout!!
7th/8th grade also used the resistance bands to improve their muscular strength and endurance. We then finished class and our badminton unit by playing Three on Three Badminton. What a great activity to improve your hand-eye coordination!

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Stacy said...

What C.D's are the songs that you use on. I am always looking for new movement songs. I love your blog by the way.