Sunday, October 16, 2011


K4, K5, 1st grade this week started class playing I See... You see...! We then learned and practiced being in our self space with a movement song. We finished class manipulating deck rings and playing a movement game called Soccer Tag!!!
2nd & 3rd grade this week started class with a 5 Levels of Fitness activity named Musical Fitness. We then learned to use our bodies better by going over the cues of rolling and dodging for a game called Jailbird.

4th & 5th began class participating in a cardiovascular endurance game called Snatch It. We then went over how to to work as a team and did some cooperative activities. We used a tarp and the students were given some challenges to try to accomplish with their group.
6th grade this week continued practicing their throwing and catching skills. We first did a muscular strength and endurance fitness warm-up called Dagger and Sumo Wrestling (Not real wrestling). We then reviewed the throwing and catching cues and played a game called Pass & Go to reinforce these cues!!

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