Sunday, October 16, 2011


K4 and K5 started class with a muscular strength and endurance activity called Monster Tag. We then played Stop, Drop, and Roll to learn and practice fire safety for Fire Safety Week!
1st grade this week started class with a warm-up activity named One Step Behind. We then discussed how exercise can be done without equipment and learned that all we really need is our body!!! We played Go Touch and Beep, Beep Times Up to practice this concept!! To end class, we played Bippity, Boppity Boo, The Witch Is After You!!!!! It is a great moving in general space activity!!!

3rd thru 5th grade developed their muscular strength and endurance with two games called Sumo Wrestling and Dagger!!! We then went outside to play Sharks and Minnows. This game is a perfect way to get ready for the Pacer Test. It also develops the movement skill of moving in space!!
6th grade continued to develop their throwing and catching skills with an activity called Pass & Run!!! We started class playing Sharks and Minnows to develop our cardiovascular systems!!!!

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Mrs Foden said...

This looks fantastic!! For your students to learn at a young age how important exercise and fitness is, it is setting them up for a healthy and active lifestyle. I only wish your students could have PE more than once a week as I am sure they love the lessons and learning and you appear to be a real role model to them - keep doing a great job!!!!