Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week #12

K4 thru 2nd grade's ASAP for the week was a movement song called Give Me Ten. We discussed why our muscles our important and why we should take care of them. Our WALT for the week was our catching skills. We went over catching cues (Look, Reach, Bring In). We then had time to practice catching our own throws off the walls of the gymnasium. We ended class playing a catching game called Bombs Away!!

3rd thru 5th grade's ASAP for the week was a CV activity called Clothes Pin Tag. Our WALT for the week was Overhand Throwing again. We reviewed the cues (T, L, Step and Throw) and practiced catching with an activity called Toss and Catch Tag. We ended class playing an overhand throwing activity called Angry Birds.
 6th thru 8th grade's ASAP for the week was called Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament. We then played a movement game called True or False to review for our Bowling Quiz. We finished class taking the Bowling Assessment.

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