Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week #13

k4 thru 2nd grade's ASAP for the week was a muscle movement song called Give Me Ten. We then reviewed our catching cues (Look, Reach, Bring In). We practiced our cues with an activity called Hula Hoop Exchange. We finished class taking our movement skill into game play with a game named Concentration Catch.
3rd thru 5th grade's ASAP for the week was a CV activity called Toilet Tag. We then reviewed our push-up and curl-up form as we start getting ready for our fitness challenges. We reviewed the overhand throwing cues from last week (T, L, Step and Throw) and ended class playing Pin Busters.
 6th thru 8th grade's ASAP for today was a CV game named Clothes Pin Tag. Our WALT for the day was about Calories!! We discussed why we need them, how many are in a pound of fat, and how we manage them. We went over this concept with a game called Calorie Busters.

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